I don’t believe anyone should be displaced from their home and neighborhood. Thriving and successful neighborhoods have housing options for all levels of income. As president of the Heights Association, I advocated for tax-credit affordable housing and apartment complexes to be built in our neighborhood so the restaurant manager, schoolteacher, and police officer could live where they worked.

Neighborhoods shouldn’t be filled with just expensive houses, or just apartment complexes, or just low-income housing. It’s the mix and diversity of housing options that make communities strong. I’ve worked to establish minimum lot size protections in my neighborhood to keep single-family homes intact and stop the creep of commercial entities. No house should ever be torn down to make way for a parking lot. As a member of Houston City Council, I will work to combat gentrification and displacement by:

    • Holding minimum lot size workshops throughout the city promoting this tool to neighborhoods, assisting communities throughout the entire process
    • Promoting changes to the density ordinance that would allow for more single-family homes to be built on an undeveloped acre of land to create smaller and more affordable homes
    • Hold financial literacy and tax education workshops to educate homeowners on the homestead exemption and property tax protesting
    • Promote the Houston Land Bank and Community Land Trust throughout the city as options to increase affordable single-family homes throughout the city
    • Create economic development opportunities in vacant unused buildings that allow for maker spaces for local goods to be produced and sold
    • Advocate for tax-credit affordable housing to be built in high opportunity areas throughout the city