Since long before I decided to run for City Council, I have been on a campaign to educate Houstonians about our reality of flooding and the long road to resilience, leading weekly classes for Realtors, other candidates for elected office, and communities on the changing world of flood risk, the City of Houston floodplain development regulation, and drainage.  I was one of the very first volunteers at George R. Brown the day after Harvey hit and then spent 112 days in full-time relief mode through the volunteer-led Houston Relief Hub, which I founded and continues to exist today, so I take flooding both very seriously and very personally. We are always going to flood, but that doesn’t mean we can’t plan accordingly. To combat flooding I will:

  • Require new parking lots to be built with porous material that allows water to penetrate through to the ground
  • More structures flooded outside of the mapped floodplain than inside the floodplain during Hurricane Harvey.  We need new building standards outside our mapped floodplains to protect structures from flooding.
  • Change our lot coverage rules that allow for large structures to be built on small lots that don’t allow for adequate drainage. Structure size should be an appropriate ratio to lot size.
  • Ensure the drainage fee is being spent in an open and transparent way on critical drainage projects
  • Coordinate with the County, the State, and the Federal government on a region-wide flood mitigation strategy