As a City, we must primarily be in the business of citizen engagement. Listen, listen, listen, and then listen more. That’s how I am earning Houston’s vote, and that’s how I will be as a Council Member. I will empower neighborhoods and all of Houston’s diverse communities, because that is the sort of community advocate and businessperson I am already. As a city, we must have more outreach to all residents: property owners, renters, young people, communities of color, the aging. Technology is an asset here. Our smartphones should give us the ability to engage, comment, and have our voices known. To me, this extends to all areas of public outreach and engagement:

  • City, TIRZ, Management District, and Board and Commission meetings should be held in the evenings or on weekends for greater participation.
  • There should be other ways to submit public comment to City Council and Boards and Commissions other than showing up in person…all given equal weight.