One thing I’ve learned as a Realtor and in many other endeavors is the power of playing well with others. I think the same must be true at City Hall and at the very local level. The city needs partnerships where individuals and groups share leadership and decision-making authority, from neighborhood associations to right in the City Hall chambers. We simply can’t work in silos. My plan for collaboration includes:

  • Town halls in each district every other month in conjunction with the district council member.  We must work hand in hand with our district counterparts to ensure all parts of Houston are successful and thriving.
  • Council Members must collaborate more with neighborhoods to ensure their concerns and ideas are being listened to and addressed
  • Council Members wield limited power themselves, but when they band together they can make a real impact at City Hall. I will work to build coalitions at City Hall working with fellow council members, not against them to make a difference.
  • Let’s build more public-private partnerships that help supplement city services when needed. Let’s work with non-profits to keep our libraries and swimming pools open longer. Let’s work with civic clubs to adopt drains, there are smart and dedicated people who love their city that would love to help, let’s give them the opportunity to do just that.