Bill’s experience at the city-level includes three-and-a-half years as a Planning Commissioner, where he was an outspoken yet fair-minded advocate for neighborhoods while pushing for a more progressive approach to urban growth and development. He also chaired the Walkable Places Sub-Committee of the Planning Commission, where he again demonstrated a forward-thinking approach to Houston’s development centered on transit-oriented and business-friendly policies that set the stage for a denser urban core, creating more opportunities for jobs and affordable housing.

Now, he sets his sights on directly advancing policies that will carry out his vision of a resilient, world-class city of the future—a better Houston—for all.

His experience as a successful business owner and broker of Houston’s most community-minded real estate firm demonstrates a proven record of leadership in the private sector, but it is service that motivates him even more every day.

Here are just a few of his recent volunteer commitments…

Houston Relief Hub

Founder and Lead Volunteer

Recognition: Houston Relief Hub Day from the City of Houston

Bill was one of the very first volunteers to arrive at George R. Brown Convention Center on the day after Harvey’s touchdown in Houston. He sprung into action there and, seeing that the needs of the shelter were met, decided to bridge the gap between Houstonians who wanted to help and those who were at risk of falling through the cracks by forming the Harvey Relief Hub, which later became the Houston Relief Hub. The premise was to connect those affected by Harvey with those who wanted to help in any way. The operation was so successful that “the Hub” became the official City of Houston delegation to relief efforts in Puerto Rico after Maria, California through the 2017-2018 wildfires, and many other disasters. The hub was reactivated most recently to assist those affected by the 2018-2019 Federal Government Shutdown and Hurricane Barry in Louisiana.

Houston Heights Association

Former President & Board Member

Recognitions: Citizen of the Year

Bill is one of the longest serving board members in the history of the Houston Heights Association, a volunteer-led non-profit that serves as a powerful mechanism for the 8,000 households of his neighborhood to improve their corner of the city and have their voices heard, and it has created a pocket of Houston that is renowned for its exceptional quality of life.